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JKT Nut Company LLP

JKT Nut has been started with a distinctive focus of processing Peanuts and Peanut Products.

JKT Nut has been started with a distinctive focus of processing peanuts and peanut products. JKT’s newly established peanut shelling plant in Mangaon is one of the largest plants in India with over 1,00,000 sq. ft. area and processing capacity of 40000 tons annually. It is equipped with fully automated shelling, grading, colour sorting, laser sorting with metal detectors & magnets which makes JKT unique in terms of matching quality specification, to meet the demand of today’s market. Our in house laboratory has high tech instruments like HPLC to test aflatoxin in peanuts to ensure reliable results. It is the only plant in India where the peanuts are sorted 3 times before it reaches to the customers. JKT handles all the channels, from local procurement i.e. from the farmers, mandis till the product is delivered to your destination, without any hassles.

JKT is willing to work with you to suit your needs and requirements, making your product a reality! Our strength is our flexible approach and ability to build required quality grades as per your demands.